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Monday, November 21, 2011

Me back with some yummilicious recipes :)

I know I have been away on a long hiatus from blogging.
I had too many thoughts and things to share when I sat down. Which eventually ended up in not writing anything after all!

I have been cooking so much more (not because Prasad has been making me do that (;) but ) because, I just always loved doing this so much.

I was gifted a lovely OTG Oven by Prasad as a ( belated )birthday gift. This opened the doors to my world of baking which I always wanted to explore. Although, today I shall share one of the Mangalorean dishes I have learnt to make. Its called Mooga-gashi or Masala Rande or Masol . Which basically means Moong in the Masala.

It has an authentic flavor which your palette will never forget. Trust me.

Moong (I sprouted these for better nutrition)
Fresh coconut
Red dry chillies ( Select the ones that are crinkled and more spicier version)
Dhanya seeds ( Whole Coriander seeds )
Tamarind or Amchoor, i.e. Dry mango powder ( Optional , this is my addition )
Mustard seeds and curry leaves for seasoning
Coconut oil or any other oil you use
Salt to taste

1. Steam cook the sprouts so that they are ready to eat.
2. Season the coriander seeds and red chillies in some oil.
3. Grind coriander seeds, chillies and coconut in the grinder into a very fine paste. The finer the better. You'll see that the roasted red chillies have created a mesmerizing orange color that will get your taste buds dancing.
4. Splutter the mustard seeds and curry leaves in some oil. Add the coconut paste to this.
5. Add some water to make the gravy. Add salt and the moong dal.
6. Cover and bring to boil.
7. Since I love the curries to become tangy, I added a little amchoor powder to this in the end. This also kills the bitterness of sprouts. However, this is completely optional.


Sneo said...

Good blog.. Keep those recipes coming . I ll try them in my limited kitchen here

Dee said...

Alrightttie :D