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Monday, November 28, 2011

Julienne Chicken Quickie!

I always wondered how do they get the chicken shredded so well while I gobbled chicken salads or sandwiches. Now, I know. :)

Easy Wheezy Recipe for a sumptuous Sandwich filled with creamy shredded chicken stuffing.

Chicken breasts - 2
Mayonnaise - Any flavor of your choice
Pepper, Salt
Olives - I prefer the black sliced ones in brine
Jalapenos - If you like these
Carrot & Cucumber - Shredded into thin strings

Pardon me for the borrowed photos from the net this time. I couldn't stop myself from gobbling down before clicking!

Easy Wheezy Method of preparation:

1. Boil about 4 cups of water. Clean the chicken breasts, slice into quarter of each breast and place them in the boiling water pan.
2. Let the chicken cook thoroughly for about 15 minutes. The way to check is ensuring that there is no pink all the way inside of the chicken pieces. Also, don't over cook to avoid getting a rubbery texture.
3. Once done, discard the water and place the chicken on a clean plate. Let it cool down.
4. Place a fork on the chicken piece and slowly start scraping that piece with another fork. This will give you beautiful shredded textures. Tada! Julienne.

Allow it to be chilled preferably especially for cold sandwiches or salads.
5. Now, you're open to creativity of what all you want to stuff in your sandwich. This is what I did.
6. Mix this shredded chicken with Mayonnaise, pepper, salt into a thick paste.
7. Add this on top of a toasted bread slice.
8. Spread torn lettuce, olives, Jalapenos, shredded carrots & cucumber on top of this.
9. Place another toast on top of this. Ready to gobble!

If you have some chicken left over, make sure you put it in air tight container in the refrigerator. This chicken can also be used in pastas, salads or grills. Just that if you intend to cook it again for say baked or grilled dishes, do not boil it all the way. Or else, you will end up overcooking the final dish.

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