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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Face the daemons!

Confrontation. Some of us just hate the sound of that word.
Me? It makes me go uneasy in my guts. Especially because I want to make it face-saving for the other person.

I take pride in the fact that I tend to notice a lot of facts and things around me that most don't. I do think I am overly-observant. But then, sometimes I just wish I wasn't. Ignorance can be a bliss especially when you want to erase the fact you've discovered.

There are just so many occasions when I have realized that I could have done without the additional piece of information that has landed in my grey cells. And once it does, I am not at peace until I do something about it. Like the other time I observed that my ever-faithful maid had flicked half a cake of washing soap. Now, she might have been doing this all the past years, or might have been her first time. I was just too upset knowing that she 'can' steal. I hated confronting her for something as petty but I did want her to know that I knew. Finally, I did. And it wasn't that bad. She gave some lame explanation for it and I halfheartedly accepted it to kill the topic.

With friends, you observe some annoying habits which you would like to correct as a friendly gesture. But then, no one likes free advise in today's world. Also, my relentless brain can't help but notice these habits again and again. Like those who pick their nose, tap their feet at 10 times per second!, have lice in their heads or don't wash their hands but like to share your food!

Confrontation at work is even worse. You don't want to burn bridges with anyone. Yet, whether friendly or not-so-friendly suggestion is in the calling. I could never get myself to say No. Or, "Sorry! I beg to differ".

But, I think time and experience has told me that its best to confront. Sometimes you're doing the other person a favor. What would you think?


Dee! said...

"Sorry ! I beg to differ !"
Really... i would think that confrontation is not the best way to deal with such a situation. Specially with those who do not understnad that you might be doing them a favor.

From my experience i have learnt that it is strict no-no at workplace. Instead i would ignore such an act if it is not harming me.

BTW, i thought you stopped writing and hence sharing your thoughts.

Dee said...

Hey Dee!
I know I've been away now and then. But, I wouldn't stop writing. Thanks for following my blog! :)
I agree, at workplace it might just be a no-no "if" it doesn't concern me. Otherwise, Confrontation it is. :)
Hey, Merry Christmas!!!

Dee! said...

Merry xmas to you too and wishing you lots of great moments this holiday season !!

Dee! said...

no new blog.. 2012 resolution or office keeping you too busy ?

Raj said...

The best way to deal is to just ignore and carry on with your work. The samaaj seva is not a good idea because you will keep finding such people in your day-to-day life like the insects keep coming from everywhere in the movie "Starship Troopers".

I find many people filling water from the dispenser and standing right in front of it while they empty the glass, making sure nobody else can fill their glass of water. This is just one example, there are zillions of such morons in the world