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Monday, December 19, 2011

Crispy Sada Bahaar Parantha!!

Tell me if these don't melt in your mouth.
And what's more? They are healthier than most dishes you can think of in five minutes!

This Easy Wheezy Recipe power packs all the nutrition that you can ask for, so its best for Mommies and barely takes 15 minutes to get done; what more can working girls ask for?

This proportion makes around six paranthas.

2 bundles of Methi leaves ( Fenugreek). You even get them neatly cut and bundled up nowadays to make your life easier.
Garlic pods - 4
One small onion
Salt, Chilly powder
2 cups of Wheat flour
Curd - on the side.


 1. Grind the Methi, Garlic and Onion in a grinder.

2. Mix this paste into wheat flour, add salt, chilly, some oil and knead it. You mostly wouldn't need to add any additional water. Be vary of making the dough too slimy, as the Methi and Onion discharge water themselves. (Yup, I don't knead it by hand. Why waste energy here when you can use it in better ways!)

3. Make regular Paranthas with this dough.

Wowie! You've got yourselves Sada-Bahaar Paranthas. Even the kiddos who hate greens, will float towards the kitchen on the whiff of these beauties.

4. Serve them hot with set curd and pickle of your choice!

Bon Appetite.


ecomurthy said...

Tried it now and must say it was super crisp and very tasty!

Dee said...

Awesome Vani! :D