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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello!? You're expected somewhere!

What panics me most? Being late.
When I am late to work or late for an appointment or commitment.
Especially when I leave the house in a hurry, I'm almost always sure that I've forgotten somethign behind. Which later reveals when I'm almost half the distance away from home.

This is what amazes me that when you see movie scenes which need a person to go on stage or for a fight or a conference or live on TV. When the person is told, "You're up in 5!". He / she just nods and continues with their daily chores like nothing happened.
They complete a whole scene, some dialogues, mental perplexities, emotional turmoils, reconciliation with heartbreaks and if Bollywood movie, then perhaps a song as well. Meanwhile, you've forgotten that they are expected somewhere else and suddenly the assistant peeps in and reminds us!

If I were to be in that scene. I would pop up in the first call and march down! Or mostly would have cold feet to begin with and perhaps not even make it to the stage 'cause I fainted en-route.

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Raj said...

When Power star Puneet Rajkumar can climb the Mt Everest and put a flag of his name at the top, and take his cap off and shout as though he is in Ooty, why cant others take it easy when they have 300 seconds for turning up on stage?